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Plastic Injection Molding Services

Mulan MFG is well experienced with precision injection molding parts and mould tools production services, over 15 years of injection moulding production/processing services we have encountered countless situations and hence Mulan MFG is confident with any injection moulding orders due to our professional engineers and 10 years of experiences. We are dedicated to serve and provide all sorts of customized plastic parts production/processing in order to give you the most cost efficient technical solutions with the highest quality possible. Mulan MFG is ISO9001-2015 certified, we have eliminated the flaws with the production cycle and created a higher quality standard. Therefore our client’s risks are significantly reduced in the field of business and products.      

Mulan MFG’s headquarter is located in Shanghai China. Shanghai as a global city demonstrate extraordinary transportation ability and it’s also a rich manufacturing resources environment. Mulan MFG possess three plastic injection moulding parts production base with over 50 professional plastic moulding engineers. Whether or not you are an individual product designer, professional company or even the top 500 global business enterprise, Mulan MFG provides the most professional custom injection moulding parts production services accompanied with the automobile industry’s IATF16949:2016 standard, PPAP level 3, APQP and FEMA etc.

  • ISO9001 management system 
  • There are 10 people in the QC department.check the parts to ensure the product size
  • IPQC, FQC, OQC ensure good product shipment 
  • Check equipment regularly 
  • Entrust a third-party external verification of the inspection equipment once a year

Why Choose Mulan MFG

One-stop manufacturer
ISO 9001-2015 Certification
100% Quality Control

Strong injection molding capabilities

During the last decade of rapid development, Mulan MFG has upgraded several advanced injection moulding machinery and precision injection moulding production devices such as: electric spark, wire cutting, Large-scale precision CNC machining centers etc. In terms of injection moulding technology, Mulan MFG is currently leading the industry and our services stretches to most of the world, including: USA, Canada, South America, UK, Holland, Germany, Asia and many other developing countries.

Our high quality injection moulding and precision injection mould tools products can be found in all sorts of industries, for example: Medical, automobile, sports devices, hunting/camping, electrical, food/beverages, containers and packaging industries.

In conclusion, Mulan MFG is proud of our high quality injection moulding products/services, fast delivery time and positive customer feedback.    

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China Precision injection molded gear

Precision Injection Molding Workshop

Suitable for food packaging, tableware, precision injection molding parts, children's toys, etc.
  • 17 sets of 15-110T injection molding equipment, (FANUC, Nissei)
  • CNC(Makino), EDM(Mitsubishi), Carve(Fanuc), W/C EDM(Makino)
  • Connectors, automotive parts, electronic, medical equipment, phones

Large parts Injection Molding Workshop

Suitable for large injection molding parts weighing 10kg-70kg.
  • 6 sets of 300-1000 tons injection molding equipment,
  • CNC(Makino), EDM(Mitsubishi), Carve(Fanuc), W/C EDM(Makino)
  • Plastic furniture, freight pallets, car bumpers, car leather dial

Mulan MFG Advantage

On-Demand Injection Molding Services

Our client’s requirement is the first starting point for any extraordinary injection moulding parts products, Mulan MFG will provide the most efficient solution based on client requirement and specifications.

In order to produce high quality products, Mulan MFG combines all the relative information and optimize them to ensure a smooth plastic parts prototyping stage. This is one of the advantage that gives Mulan an edge when competing with others.

Mulan MFG will cover all the key stages from injection moulding parts design, parts production, polishing, assemble and packaging no matter how complete your product is, even early stage products will be supplied with sufficient support to maximize and fulfill its potential in order to turn an idea into reality.

Precision injection molded gear

High efficiency Online Services

When the product requirement is obtained it takes the customer support team about 5 to 24 hours to respond with a quote.

Precision injection mould tools: Usually after Mulan MFG obtained all the required information it takes about 8 to 48 hours to produce a detailed mould production costs file. After the order is obtained Mulan MFG is able to deliver high quality injection mould with in 2 to 3 days for product sample testing.

Batch injection molding parts: Our well resourceful production line allows roughly 50,000 high quality injection moulding parts every day.

Food-grade injection molded tableware

Free technical support

As an experienced injection moulding expert, Mulan MFG is able to provide product optimization suggestions and solutions from a professional point of view in order to improve the current design, reduce wastes and environmental impact, reduce production costs and improve to overall quality for the final product.

Mulan will consider the product size, injection mould design production line and the location of the inlet/runner, suitable surface polishing solutions will also be provided based on the type of the final product.

Precision injection molding assembly

Real Injection Molding Factory Quote

The perfect internal production system will greatly reduce the production costs for injection moulding parts.

High quality: ISO 9001:2015 certified. Automobile injection moulding parts quality control standard applied, With 50 quality control engineers supervising the production line 7×24 hours. (Including device numbering settings and product size)

Efficient transportation: Three different ways of transportation available: airlift , ferry and normal delivery. Including on the day airlift in order to meet your product arrangement and requirement.

Silicone injection molding tableware

More injection molding processes

injection Insertmolding Services

injection OverMolding Services

Customized Mould Tools Services

How Plastic Injection Molding Works

First, the plastic pellet is loaded into the filling funnel. Then the plastic pellet is heated into an liquid state. The screw barrel applies pressure and the liquid plastic is injected into the mould. After that by using cooling devices, the plastic returns to its original solid state. The plastic product is then removed from the mould, the entire process can last from a few seconds to couple of minutes depending on the situation.

The key steps in the injection molding process are:

  1. Clamping: The two sides of the mold are closed and clamped shut.
  2. Injection: The material is fed into the machine and pushed towards the mold. While this is happening, the material is melted by heat and pressure. The plastic is then injected into the mold — this is called the “shot.”
  3. Cooling: The plastic in the mold cools and solidifies into the shape of the part.
  4. Ejection: After the part cools, it is ejected from the mold.

Advantages of plastic injection molding

  • Large scale batch production, short production cycle.
  • Cost efficient production.
  • High-efficiency automated production line
  • High success rate which is repeatable.
  • Perfect surface texture or pattern or LOGO can be customized.
  • Choose the right material according to the function.

Injection molding case study

Mulan MFG has cooperated with over 3000 global clients on plastic injection molding parts manufacturing processing.

In order to reduce costs and shorten your project duration for your business, contact Mulan MFG injection molding team now to get a quote within 24 hours and start your project as soon as possible. 

Let’s Start Work Together

After receiving the product information, Mulan MFG's engineering team will respond to the most reasonable quotation document within 1-2 days. Thank you.
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What you should know ?

We are an injection molding manufacturer located in Shanghai, China. We provide real injection molding factory quotations for global customers and supply high-quality injection molded products.
We provide One Stop manufacturing services for plastic injection mold making included part analysis, moldflow, mold design, mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, etc.
We can make different kind of molds like single cavity, multi cavity mold, two shot mold, overmould, insert molding, etc.
Molds : 3-6 weeks
Molding : 1-4 weeks
It’s better please provide 3D files of the plastic product, resin, quantity of the injection parts, color and surface treatment
customer need.
Mould: 40% prepaid, 30% after the first trial sample is confirmed receipt, 30% balance before mold shipping or the mould is
Molding parts: 30% prepaid, balance T/T before shipment.